Qualified sophrology practitioner registered with BRCP (British Register of Complementary Practitioners)  

Based in Kent, UK

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Well-being with Sophrome

- Michelle Bouriaux

21 Kentish Gardens, Tunbridge Wells,

Kent TN2 5XU

EMAIL: michelle@sophrome.com

TEL: 01892 539 708


"With Michelle's gentle teaching and take home exercises, I have learnt to influence mind and body to work positively together and reduce any negative impact my busy life was having. The benefits have been wonderful, it truly is a "my time" class." Marion, 2015

"I am learning to accept myself as I am, accepting myself can improve my chances to get better by 60%. I am going to do more sophrology when I go back to France"  Young French man suffering from OCD

"I feel happy and calm"

10 year old child suffering from hyperactivity

"It was a very educational workshop, here I am counting on my inbreath and on my outbreath to calm down...I am keen to meet again for a new workshop every season."

Pascale, London