As October is well on its way now and I take advantage of as much outdoor light as possible to fill up my body with E vitamins and the necessary hormones that help balance my good night sleep, I also fill up my mind with the positives that keep me going everyday. October being the month of values and 19th World Values Day, I led a discussion and sophrology workshop around the theme of values. Owning up to discovering values late in life through sophrology was not an easy task for me, but the truth is I lived according to my principles before, and probably mixed up my personal values with professional principles.

The list of human values is immense, and in just 5 minutes we could count 50 that meant something to us in everyday life, also wondering how far we could implement them, and did we know ourselves enough in relation to these, and how did they resonate in us, our society, our work, our community?

As we went on to discover our personal human values through specific sophrology techniques, a group phenomenon must have taken place: at the end of the session, when we have a option to express how we feel, most of us had felt strongly that "sharing" was one of our values.

I am sharing with you that I like sharing, it makes me feel very happy, it drives most of my days.

What makes you feel present in your life? What makes you feel fulfilled?

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