September...breathe in the sun

SEPTEMBER... breathe in the sunlight.

In September...

...we reap the fruit of our labor, gently we do our own harvest , we unleash our personal growth from our summer gathering, perhaps we have learnt new skills from a summer course, or enjoyed a particular holiday, or just experienced a different life rythm or plentyful business...

Now is the right time to put into practise what we learnt, maybe so we can avoid repeating past mistakes or to keep the energy flowing as long as possible into the colder months, to enjoy, to the full, health and wellbeing in our different lifestyles.

Breathe in the sun, until it fills your core, as if your core was a bowl, overfilling with all the goodness of the sun: the light, the warmth, the goodness, the colours, the sensations... letting this cup fill up each time you breathe in, until it overflows... Breathing out, let the cup overflow, each time you breathe out... to reach all parts of your body... just doing this exercise with your eyes closed on a dull day, several minutes, to replace the sun,.. And again...and again every day when needed... Taking the time to breathe in the sunshine, slowly, storing it inside, and breathing out, taking the time, sending all the sun goodness to the whole body, to all its cells.

Sunlight is important for our wellbeing, it triggers the happiness hormones, it prepares us for a good night sleep, it creates D vitamins in us...

With sophrology exercises and regular training, we can prolong the desired effects of a summer day, visualise its happy moments, feel its warmth and energy, spread the goodness to our brain and body, influence our way of being and thinking in a positive way by doing exactly that type of exercise.

With regular training, the chances are that ill health will become good health: body awareness makes us all take care of our bodies in the right way, in the way that is right for every individual, what is right for me is perhaps different to what is right for you...that's what sophrology teaches us.

Happy breathing in the Sun!

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